hvac repair & installation

No job is too big or too small for us. With the Chicago RepairMen, you can rely on fast and skilled, same-day HVAC repair and installations. Check out some of our services below. 

The Chicago RepairMen are fully licensed and bonded by StateFarm Insurance.


HVAC repair

a/c repair

Our friendly staff is trained and knowledgeable. We guide our customers through any A/C issues they may have. We pride ourselves on repairing any of the following : exhaust fans, cooling towers, chillers, roof-top and indoor A/C units.

air duct cleaning

When it comes to handling your home's ductwork, we assess, clean, and maintain.

Call the Chicago RepairMen to assess your ductwork. We check for visual dust build up, and follow up with the procedures necessary to eliminate it. 

When it comes cleaning, we maintain industry standards to remove debris from the interior of your air system. 

Finally, our team can monitor regularly to ensure the best air quality in your home over time. 

ductless mini split systems

Ductless mini split systems are a great alternative to conventional ductwork. Although they can heat and cool your home year round - they require constant monitoring to ensure high in door air quality. Our team is capable of handling anything from poor temperature control to faulty systems.

Contact the Chicago RepairMen and discuss your option when it comes to installing and maintaining a quality ductless mini split system in your home. 

emergency repairs

The Chicago RepairMen is a full service HVAC and appliance repair company, proudly serving the residences and businesses in the greater Chicagoland area. At Chicago RepairMen we offer 24-hour emergency air conditioning repair, heating repair, and appliance. 


hvac installation

appliance installation

The Chicago RepairMen is a licensed and insured; family owned and operated business serving the Chicago community and the surrounding areas. Call us for your custom appliance installation today.

a/c installation

When it comes to A/C installation, the Chicago RepairMen have the knowledge, experience and customer focus to make the process as seamless as possible. Our installation team has installed countless air conditioning units throughout the Chicago area, and will help guide you through the process of picking the perfect system for your home or business.  

furnace installation

The Chicago RepairMen know that each home, customer and furnace replacement situation is different. Anyone can provide quality equipment, the difference lies in the company installing it. Our client's can rest assured that when it comes to installing a new furnace, Chicago RepairMen are the real experts. 

air duct installation

When you have a new air conditioning system installed, the quality and power of the air conditioner won't matter unless your ductwork is in great working shape. Avoid future issues within your home by calling the Chicago RepairMen. We work to ensure that ductwork is properly designed to serve your home, and installed correctly.

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